I started my day with a walk in nature. Until recently, mother nature has been incubating during her well-deserved annual leave – aka Winter. I don't always feel like bouncing out of bed and have been known to hide beneath the covers convincing myself that I have every good reason to remain snuggled. However, once my common sense gives itself a good stretch and nudges me into reality, I move on to phase two of the waking up process – coffee in bed! Unlike the alarm, my coffee is the recipient of much love and adoration. 


Now that Mother Nature has stretched out of her slumber and light is arriving ever-earlier, taking walks amongst Cherry Blossoms and tulips is the enviable reality for those of us that live in the Okanagan and Vancouver areas. What a privilege to take in the splendid display of colour – it’s invigorating and gets me into a mindset of gratefulness and inspiration. With these positive thoughts front and centre, it means I can prepare for a productive day ahead.


I begin my week days with noting priorities and appointments, and by 9am my phone starts ringing. My days vary, but the generally they involve a balance of valuations, house showings and presenting offers. My best days, are the signed and sealed days – of which I am fortunate to have many. Why? Well, I am a realtor where everyone wants to live. I mean – just take a look outside. Spring couldn’t be more glorious!


Change of season really gives us that opportunity to get excited about new things and new adventures. Even if you are already in your dream home, you can still introduce fresh life into your home, just like Spring re-adorns bare branches.


Here are some top-tips to effortlessly bring the season of fresh beginning into your home:


1. Brighten your interior


Say goodbye to the darker colours of winter and introduce a palette of pastels – maybe even the odd pop of neon if you’re feeling particularly bold. How? Well, treat your couch to some new, bright or floral scatter cushions, or add colourful dining room chairs to the head of your dining room table. That eclectic look can be super fun to play around with, and it adds fresh interest when your friends come over.


In the bedroom, you can still keep your neutral tones but liven them up with cushions or a new, celebration-of-spring wall hanging


2. Flowers – inside and out


Can we take a moment to boast a little about the blooms of the Okanagan and Vancouver? What a delight to walk and drive past plump, multi-coloured tulips and sunflowers, and my favourite – hanging baskets! Does that not want to make your heart sing? Such beauty!


I’ve seen many conversations strike up between complete strangers as they walk past downtown gardens. Owners pottering around their gardens answering questions about ‘what flower is what’ to curious passersby. 


Winter gives us a blank canvas, and from there we get to paint our flower beds with fresh pops of colour – have fun with it!


Indoors you may just want to add more green, if not flowers. They provide a tranquil, calming effect and are ideal for softening sharp edges and corners.


3. A lick of paint 


There’s no need to re-paint the full interior of your house. Instead, pick an accent wall or two. It need not be over-the-top bright – even a beautiful shade of green can completely transform an area of your home. A quick, easy option is a guest washroom – a fresh lick of vibrant paint and some green plants will make a world of difference. Treat your guests to a set of plush, new towels.


4. Patio living


This is the time of year when we swap our snuggly indoor couch for comfy outdoor furniture. There’s no need to renovate or do anything hugely different, you can simply introduce a few ‘spring-ish’ features. Recover cushions, add a bright, spring-celebration table centre piece or even add a character-full outdoor rug for design interest. And, if you really want the colours of nature to uplift your patio – add a bird feeder and bird bath, or better still – a hummingbird feeder. Birds will deliver a display of varied colour and shimmery beauty to your outdoor space. Just be sure that Felix the cat is on his best behaviour!


5. Doormat


It’s small, it’s subtle, but it can be strangely satisfying to update your doormat. There’s nothing like a tatty, overused winter doormat to bring down the cheer of your freshly created patio area. You can even look to add one that has a quirky saying that will get guests smiling before you’ve even opened your door.


6. Framed photos


Create a seasonal wall. Print pictures of your Spring adventures – past and present. It’ll provide a great reminiscing opportunity for you and your family, and it’s a conversation starter when friends come over.


7. Lighting


Look to add fairy lights to your outside area. In the trees, on your patio walls…this simple touch always draws a magical smile. 


Seeing homes transform is one of the many things I love about what I do. If you’re looking to sell, I’d love to help you with these tips – it’ll elevate the attraction of your home to potential buyers. It shows that it’s a much-loved, happy home.