It’s heating up… the snowboards are being packed away, the flip-flops are coming out and the sun is sneaking its way into our homes a little earlier every morning. With all this extra daylight to work with, what better place to be than Kelowna, the city that feels at home in the summer! 




Kelowna is spoilt with golf courses. If that gets your mind ticking over about the perfect back-nine, then the PlayGolf Kelowna value card might be for you. Offering varying tier-levels based on how much golf you expect to play, the PGK card might be your secret weapon in dropping your handicap this summer, or just getting out in the sun after work. After securing the card, you can expect to score some great deals on the following courses: Kelowna Springs, Shadow Ridge, Shannon Lake, Two Eagles, Salmon Arm and Mabel Lake. It also includes the use of practice facilities, namely: Kelowna Driving Range, Two Eagles Golf Academy, and World Beat Golf.


You might have noticed, but there’s a lake in Kelowna. A really big one, in fact. So, in true summer fashion, let’s dive in! 




City Park beams with friendly faces, and joyful dogs, soaking up the atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown, City Park ticks all your happiness-inducing boxes on sunny day. Wibit Waterpark is conveniently located in the park if you’re in need to a cooldown, and then a short walk will place you in front of Parlour ice cream shop (I recommend the salted caramel!) 


Bear Creek Provincial Park is a 10km drive from Downtown Kelowna, and you’ll be treated with sparkling lake views your entire ride there. Settle beneath a canopy of trees, whip out that new book you’ve been dying to read and enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Take a time-out West Kelowna side and in a matter of time, you’ll find yourself splashing around in the log-guarded bathing area. You may even spot a Peregrine falcon showing off in the sky if you’re lucky!




You’ve woken up, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky! Throw on some hiking shoes, because we are going to the top of Knox Mountain, the best view in Kelowna. Gaze out over Lake Okanagan, and snap a photo or two after getting the blood pumping. The lookout tower at the top is the perfect spot to get further snaps. That will ensure that your friends who couldn’t join you this time, will be sure to come along on your next Okanagan adventure. 


Myra Canyon, a 40 minute drive out from Kelowna is idyllic when skies are clear, and it’s friendly on the budget! Completely free if you bring your own bicycle, cruise down the Kettle Valley Trail and absorb peaceful surrounds. There is plenty to spot on the 22km trail, so keep your eyes peeled as you search the surrounds for wildlife lurking between the trees. 




If you weren’t satisfied with the wildlife sightings on your trail cycle, head over to Kelowna’s very own Kangaroo Creek Farm. Although they aren’t Canadian locals, the kangaroos have adopted the local way of living - they’re super friendly to all visitors. Truly a unique experience, this is something everyone in Kelowna needs to do at least once.


Food and Drinks


Kelowna is no slouch when it comes to world class food and drinks. For the beer fanatics, there’s a high chance you may be overwhelmed with all the choices the city has to offer. But fear not; here’s a brief, personally handcrafted recommendation list: 


In the downtown area, try out Red Bird for an intimate brewery and live music experience, BNA brewing for beer and bowling, and Jackknife brewing for a brew and the best pizzas in town (in my opinion)! Some other hidden gems are KBC near the UBCO campus, and Shoreline Brewing in Pandosy.


On the food side of things, there are a few notable spots hanging around the city when one is in search of respite from the heat. Momo’s Sushi, located in the heart of Bernard Street offers up a quaint restaurant with a lot of character and quality to match. Be sure to check out their budget-friendly lunch specials. Not too far from the city centre is the renowned Jammery, an unbeatable breakfast spot serving up eggs benedict and breakfast bowls that would get Gordon Ramsay’s mouth watering. 


Situated in the picturesque Okanagan, there are very few locations around the world that offer the vibrant yet tranquil environment that Kelowna does. You could spend a lifetime bouncing between different settings, hobbies, and surroundings, yet still be left with more to explore in this paradise 220 000 people plus call home. If all of this has you questioning whether this is too good to be true, contact me and put me to the test. Let’s find you your ideal spot, whatever your unique requirements may be.